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Senior in home health care and adult day care services in Little Rock Arkansas

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Seniors Serving Seniors has been providing quality compassionate senior care and in-home care for over 10 years for the residents of Sherwood, Little Rock, and Central Arkansas. The team at Seniors Serving Seniors is composed of skilled home care professionals who know just how important senior care is, to the individual, the families, and the community. Our team goes beyond what other providers offer. We excel at bringing a better quality of life and service to every client. This level of care and commitment comes from our passion and love for what we do, and is something you will not find with the larger more “corporate run” providers. From senior home care, to hospice and respite care, it all comes down to one thing: WE CARE.

In-home senior care, respite care, and hospice care options in Arkansas

in-home care for seniors in Arkansas offers the best in home care options for your loved ones.

In-Home Care for Seniors

Provide your loved ones with the absolute best in quality compassionate in home health care. Our team of in-home care professionals are passionate about what we do and it shows in every smile for those we care for.
Serving Sherwood, Little Rock, Cabot, Beebe and Central Arkansas

In-home care for veterans in Arkansas

In-Home Care for Veterans

You served your country, now let us serve you with compassion and honor. We provide quality in home care services for veterans under the Arkansas Dept of Veterans Affairs. Put your VA Benefits to use today with our VA Approved caregivers.
We make it easy.

adult day care for seniors in Arkansas offers the best in home care options for your loved ones.

More than Adult Day Care

Your loved ones deserve a quality of life that keeps them engaged, active, and entertained within their own homes. Our in-home senior care program provides the perfect senior care service for your loved ones.
We offer private services and ARChoices Medicaid options.

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We are part of the Helper Bees Network

Older adults need a wide range of care and support services to live and age independently in their homes. That is why The Helper Bees Aging-in-Place Platform has created a first-of-its-kind service provider network to meet the needs of care recipients and caregivers. Through our Aging-in-Place Provider Network, we bring all of the non-medical services needed to improve independence into the homes of older Americans across the U.S.

Senior Home Care: Why Home Care is the Best Option for Seniors

Why Do I Need Home Care?

As we age and become older adults, our bodies, and sometimes our minds, may stop working the way we want. We may have difficulty doing the things we did all our lives, even simple things such as washing dishes, making a meal, taking a bath, and caring for our homes. When this happens, it is difficult to maintain living our day to day life at home. Independent living becomes a struggle. There is also respite care and hospice care needs that have many requiring the assistance of caregivers. 

That does not mean we must immediately turn to nursing home care, private-duty nursing, or bringing in visiting angels medical caregivers or Brightstar care. When you think about a place for mom, you do not need to always place her in a skilled nursing facility or assisted living center. The most nurturing and helpful approach to many situations is providing senior home care

You may be asking yourself “What options are there for senior home care near me?” If you are in the North Little Rock, Arkansas area, Seniors Serving Seniors offers affordable care plans for senior assistance and senior living. Senior help is not limited to just North Little Rock. Seniors Serving Seniors also covers Cabot, Arkansas and the Jacksonville, Arkansas area. In fact, if you live in the Central Arkansas area, Seniors Serving Seniors non-medical caregivers and senior helpers can help the elderly stay living at home and live independently for many years.

How Home Care Works

A common misconception about seniors is that they are always living with their families. In some cases, they may be, but more often than not, seniors either live alone or have moved out of their family home to a retirement home, assisted living facility, or other type of care facility. However, there are many reasons why a senior would prefer to live at home as long as possible, and a home care agency is one of the most practical ways to make that happen. 

When you hire a home caregiver, you hire someone that helps you remain at home. They help you with the day to day tasks such as cooking a meal, cleaning the house, taking a bath, making sure you take your medications, and even helping you get to medical appointments and other scheduled appointments. The caregiver becomes your helping hand in making sure what needs done, gets done. If you are faced with dementia or needing hospice or respite care, there are care plans designed for those needs also. Your senior home care agency handles so much for you, making life easier and keeping you living at home. 

Seniors Serving Seniors Home Care Agency in Sherwood, Arkansas provides caregiver services to the North Little Rock, Arkansas area. They also have home care services in Cabot, Arkansas and Jacksonville, Arkansas. Hospice and respite caregivers are also available. If you live in Central Arkansas, you can count on Seniors Serving Seniors Home Care Agency to have at home caregivers to help seniors living at home.