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non-medical home care for seniors and aging adults in Little Rock, Arkansas

What’s the Difference Between Senior Non-Medical Care and Medical Care?

Doctors and non-medical professionals often work together to provide care to patients, but what sets them apart? Medical care is the use of a medical specialty professional for the diagnosis, treatment, and care of the senior under specific medical treatment plans. It involves licensed RNs and LPNs under the care plan issued by the senior’s doctors and medical professionals. Non-medical care is the service provided to help the senior complete daily tasks and provide help in their everyday needs such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, medication reminders, and overall daily living assistance. Nonmedical care becomes the support structure for the senior to remain living at home.

Medical care often involves a doctor, medical staff, nurses, and medical equipment.

It’s no secret that medical care often involves a doctor, medical staff, nurses, and medical equipment. This level of care requires complex care plans that include medication adjustments, treatments, monitoring of vital signs, and medical equipment such as oxygen machines and other devices. The care plan may also include things such as IV feeding and wound care. In-home medical care is often prescribed by your doctor and the care plan they design for you. This type of care does not provide assistance with your day-to-day living needs, so pairing this type of service with nonmedical care is a good combination.

Non-medical care focuses on assisting, safety and prevention.

Non-medical care focuses on helping, prevention of injury, and overall safety. Preventative injury care like bathing, grooming, and meal preparation is part of this type of care. Non-medical care also includes personal care, such as cleaning and doing laundry. The goal of non-medical home care is to assist and be the helping hand to support the senior as they enjoy living at home and not in the confines of a nursing home. This type of at-home senior care can also include respite care and hospice care. With Seniors Serving Seniors care agency, you can tailor the services to make sure every aspect you struggle with is addressed. The team at Seniors Serving Seniors will discuss every option for caring for you or your aging parents and loved ones.

Medical and Non-medical care are both valuable.

Both medical and non-medical care is essential for our senior citizens and their families. By recognizing this, you can begin to see the importance of providing non-medical care at home. As with any care plan, it is best to find someone that is licensed and insured. Seniors Serving Seniors in Sherwood, Arkansas, is a licensed non-medical home care agency that provides caregiver service. They can provide a wide range of services from light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, and errands. They offer the convenience of scheduling senior care services on a daily basis, as needed, or even 24/7 care.

Your insurance or Medicaid plans may cover non-medical at-home care.

Many people are in the process of researching care options for their loved ones. Non-medical at home care may be available and covered by your insurance plan or Medicaid. In Arkansas, you may also qualify for assistance under the ARChoices Medicaid Plan. Seniors Serving Seniors home care agency can help you understand what financial assistance is available to you. The team of non-medical in-home care providers at Seniors Serving Seniors will explain your options and create a custom care plan that meets your needs while remaining affordable. They have helped many seniors in the Little Rock, Conway, and other Central Arkansas areas remain living at home and enjoying a rich fulfilling life. You can also contact the Arkansas Department of Human Services for additional information on the ARChoices program.