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Senior home caregivers in North Little Rock Arkansas help the elderly

Senior home caregivers share a few memories of special times providing care for the elderly

Seniors Serving Seniors in Sherwood, Arkansas is an In-Home Care Agency providing home care plans, respite care, hospice care, travel assistance, companionship, and light housekeeping help for the elderly. They provide senior help in North Little Rock, Cabot, Jacksonville, Beebe, and most of Central Arkansas. They also provide an Adult Daycare Center in Sherwood. 

Senior Home Caregivers are Blessed with Memories

Memories are something every one of us cherishes. They give us something to reflect upon and know we made a difference in the world.

When you work in senior home care, memories are made every day. Senior home caregivers work with so many special people, and each of them touches our lives in different ways, but the end is the same – we remember them. When caring for the elderly, we often get to share in their lives, hear their stories, share their joys, and be a friend to them.

We asked Kay and John Sammons of Seniors Serving Seniors In-Home Care in Sherwood, Arkansas, to tell us about a special memory that comes to mind.

Kay Sammons
Eric has always loved to move to music. We made hats and necklaces on St. Patrick’s Day and had our own St. Patrick’s Day parade. Joey, my son, even acted as the DJ and played us some New Orleans jazz music. Eric had a blast, and his laughter was contagious to everyone.

John Sammons
While working with a client, I found much satisfaction in being blessed with what we do.

One gentleman, I would visit often. We became close during the last three months he was receiving care from us. He needed a friend and someone to talk with and share his memories. Someone he could share his life with and know he was being heard. We talked about what he did as a child, his life as a young man, and how he started and grew a family. It was a wonderful time for us both. 

He was very lonely, and I was blessed to become his friend and share time with him. I often reflect on his many stories and smile. He was someone who unforgettably touched my heart.

Being a Senior Home Caregiver is a Rewarding Career

When you help the elderly and provide senior care services, you meet people with the most wondrous stories and lives. You discover history as it indeed was, in a personal experience and ways no book, movie, or classroom lecture can provide.

Caring for the elderly is a special calling and it takes someone with compassion and a nurturing nature to be the best caregivers for seniors. Hiring a caregiver means finding a person that demands the best, gives the best, and loves what they do.

Staying at home means so much to seniors. It means they remain home, where they grew old, and formed so many memories. It means they enjoy what they worked for all their lives. It means they live with dignity and purpose. Helping the elderly remain at home is critical to mental health and physical well-being.

At home care for seniors is so vital that Medicaid often provides special programs to cover the cost of home care and caregivers. ARChoices is one such program offered by the State of Arkansas.

The team of caregivers at Seniors Serving Seniors In Home Care agency want to help you create an affordable options for at home care. The team can structure careplans in many ways. Senior at home care can be as needed, certain days of the week, or even 24/7. They will work with you to keep the cost of home care low while providing the best home care for seniors in Arkansas.

Senior Home Caregivers and the Role of Adult Daycare Centers

In addition to in-home care for adults, other options also complement that care. Adult Daycare is an example. Senior daycare services provides a place for social interaction, entertainment, fellowship, and much more. It is a place primary caregivers can turn to when they need a break. 

Adult day care becomes a place where seniors look forward to and enjoy. If you are providing care for your parents or loved ones, and you would like to have them enjoy the social and mental health aspects of senior daycare, contact John or Kay at 501-920-6217 or contact us through the website.